MCF Software's RADIUS Client Software Developer's Kit

Download MCF Software's RADIUS Client SDK

You can download a complete copy of the MCF Software's RADIUS Client SDK, including source, documentation, and working example applications. If you decide that you want to purchase a license for the kit, you can use our electronic order form, and we will send you a 20-user MacRADIUS serial number key within 24 business-day hours.

Implementing a RADIUS client is not exceptionally difficult, but going from the specification to working code can be a tedious and time-consuming task. This problem is made worse by existing public-domain client source code that is terse, under-commented, and assumes Unix system facilities.

MCF Software's RADIUS Client Software Developer's Kit (SDK) makes it much easier for developers of a wide range of MacOS-based products that require user authentication and profiling services to offer interoperability with authentication systems based on the Internet-standard RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) protocol, such as MCF Software's MacRADIUS Authentication Server. Included in the Kit, along with source code for simple and multi-threaded RADIUS client implementations, is a Developer Version of MacRADIUS that supports up to 20 authorized users, and a WebSTAR plug-in that allows WebSTAR servers to use MacRADIUS for realm authentication.

MCF Software's new RADIUS Client SDK incorporates the IETF RADIUS standard in a highly instructive and easy-to-understand set of code examples that can be used to allow other types of network applications to take advantage of RADIUS authentication as well. Since the RADIUS protocol can be "extended" via Vendor-Specific attributes, developers can use RADIUS to provide configuration of characteristics unique to their products.

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