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Updated MacRADIUS Administrator's Guide

Revised MacRADIUS v1.1 Administrator's Guide (160K)

Contains the Administrator's Guide in a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. This version of the Admin Guide incorporates the corrections listed in the Errata section of the Tech Support page, as well as updated references to RADIUS RFC URLs.

Dictionary & Aliases Files (August 1998)

Updated MacRADIUS Dictionary and Aliases files (MacBinary Encoded - .bin - 28K)

Include additions from the RADIUS Extensions Draft document implemented by Livingston and Shiva, as well as additions used by Lucent (Livingston) in ComOS 3.8.

Updated MacRADIUS/WebRADIUS Dictionary and Aliases files (MacBinary Encoded - .bin - 28K)

The above files, but including definition of the REALM-NAME attribute used by WebRADIUS.

Ascend UI Dictionary & Aliases Files (January 1999)

Updated Ascend Custom UI Dictionary and Aliases files (MacBinary Encoded - .bin - 44K)

Updated to Ascend's RADIUS Dictionary v 29.72. See the enclosed READ ME, as well as comments within the files themselves, for additional details.

MacPerl Script Utilities

MacRADIUS Electronic Distribution packages include demonstration Perl scripts to generate simple reports from data in the Accounting Log files. The MacPerl package is required to run these scripts (available here), and also allows you to customize the scripts to your specific needs. (If you do not wish to install MacPerl on your machine and you have a Power Macintosh, the self-contained scripts package below will allow you to run the demonstration scripts "as-is".)

MacRADIUS Self-Contained Perl PPC Droplets Package (MacBinary Encoded - 1.7 MB)

This package contains a few basic MacRADIUS Accounting Log demonstration scripts packaged as self-contained applications (Power Macintosh only) that contain the Perl runtime environment inside them. This makes them fairly large, and they cannot be customized. (We didn't make them Power Mac-only because we don't like 68K Macs--we like them just fine, but MacPerl's runtime supports only PPC.)

WebRADIUS Plug-In for StarNine WebSTAR® Server

Allows MacRADIUS to be used to authenticate Realm access for WebSTAR servers.

WebRADIUS v1.0 Electronic Download Package (MacBinary Encoded - 156KB)

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