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Download the latest versions of MacRADIUS documentation, Dictionary/Aliases files, and other tools.

Troubleshooting a MacRADIUS installation
This is the "Troubleshooting" section from the MacRADIUS Administrator's Guide.

Notes on using MacRADIUS with various Network Access Servers
This is the "NAS Notes" section from the MacRADIUS Administrator's Guide. If you are considering downloading an evaluation copy of MacRADIUS you might want to peek here first to see what we know about using MacRADIUS with your equipment. Remember, just because your equipment is not listed here does not mean it will not work with MacRADIUS; when in doubt, download the evaluation and try it.

If you are a vendor of NAS equipment, you may want to review the information about your products in these notes. If you want to update the information, please send e-mail to: MacRADIUS Technical Support

MCF Software maintains a MacRADIUS mailing list where users of the product can exchange ideas, tips, and help. To subscribe, send e-mail to with subscribe in the body of the e-mail.

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Known problems in previous MacRADIUS version (1.0.3)

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Customer Tools

Digital Point Solutions' Optigold fully supports using AppleEvents to add, remove and change users. They also have a parser for MacRADIUS log files on their support page.

Bill Vlahos, formerly of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has contributed a change password toolkit (12K) in a self-extracting file that allows MacRADIUS users to change their own passwords from a web page via Apple events. An excerpt from the Read Me:

What it does: Allow users to change their password on a MacRADIUS server in real time.

How it works: Both MacRADIUS and the web server software must be running to change passwords. User connects to change password web page in their web browser and enters their: Login name, Current Password, New Password and Confirm New Password and clicks Submit.

Within a few seconds, the Results screen comes up. Assuming the change happened, the new password is in effect right away and the user can close their browser.

What is included (all software needed except web server software):

Bill has also provided a "troll for new users" (20K) Apple script that watches a folder continuously and imports any "users" ASCII files that appear there into a running copy of MacRADIUS. His script and comprehensive release notes are available in this self-extracting compactor file. A BinHex encoded version (26K) is also available.

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Aaron Peckham of the MacNexus, The Sacramento Macinstosh User Group has released glue to use MacRADIUS with Frontier and Butler. They use the system to collect connection statistics and create web pages where their dial-in users can interactively check their time on line. He writes:

From: Aaron Peckham 
Subject: Released MacRADIUS Glue

I've released my MacRADIUS Frontier glue.  

I also released my glue script to EveryWare's database OSAX, allowing people to easily make their MacRADIUS logs flow into Butler.

I'll probably release a database template, too, as soon as I get our own setup running again (I had to rebuild everything, so others could use it
without everything being hard-coded).


Aaron Peckham

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Tips from Technical Support

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